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  1. 熟悉的陌生人,我们相识于网络,每天打开电脑、手机、看着一个个熟悉的人写的文字 分享的图片 抒发的情感 吃过的饭菜。似曾相识,但确素未谋面。这使我好奇他们的现实生活,希望能更近,面对面了解他们每一个人。有些时候他们像我想象的一样,有些时候完全相反。更多人完全拒绝见面。我不知道通过网络或者现实生活展示的人哪种更真实。但是这就是我们这代人的矛盾生活方式,驱使我去拍摄这个项目。
    Acquainted strangers, we seem to know them from the internet; we seem to admire them or, the opposite, seem to dislike them. On a regular basis we check the latest posts from an assumed familiar person informing us about what he or she thinks, how he or she feels, or what he or she has eaten. Somehow it seems like we’ve met these persons before, but the truth is we haven’t met them at all or if, just occasionally. This was exactly the reason that piqued my interest and curiosity on their real lives – and therefore I took their picture.