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  1.        常常翻老照片,看到过去的我。再把现在照片在旁边。两个我貌似密切,然而照片背后又是两个多么不同的人呢?身历了人世间总总生、老、病、死、离、别、得、失之后。现在我还是那个我吗?曾经的梦想还在坚持吗?曾经爱人依然如故吗?
    于是我召集身边的朋友们,把过去的他们投射在墙上,让他们看着这个既熟悉又陌生的人。 拍摄下来。然后听着他们告诉我过去那个他的故事。想成为一个什么样的人,做什么样的事。聊着自己的初恋和现在的爱人......

            Often turning old photos, I see the past. Recently, I look like the same but in the reality is two different people compared with the past. Everybody experience the earth birth, old age, sickness, death, leave, separate, gain, and loss. Am I still be myself? The dream was still sticking to it? Love remains the same once it?
    So I called friends around, project their past photo on the wall and film together. They looked both familiar and unfamiliar. Then I listen to their stories of past. They want to be what kind of person, want to achieve what kind of dreams and how to experience their first love ...... Still later, I took their pictures to the city, put it on cast into the house, the old walls, tree branches, piers, so these photos are more texture, more life. I shot these photos again, which is more likely to complete their wishes. So now, we can remember there was a man, since you started. Then there is a future, you want to go there. Do not be afraid, do not get lost!