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    2011 Windows , One Day’s Journey South of the Riverr ,China .

    I’m from the Northeast and this was my first time taking a high-speed rail, heading to South West, traveling from one end of my country to the other. These are the scenes of what I saw from the window of the carriage. At a glance, they are watercolor scrolls from the Song dynasty, with their familiar composition of tranquility, fluidly of brush strokes. But when you look closely, you see that what you thought was a fabled mountain is a construction crane, a concrete bridge, an electrical tower. Just as the painters and poets before me painted the beauty they found in front of their eyes. This is what I see. Just as they used paintings to mythologize their time and people, I hope to do the same with my photographs. 

    Size A 60inch x42 inch / Edition 6 

            B 42inch x30 inch / Edition 6

            C 34inch x 24inch / Edition 6